A Brief History of College Rings and Why You Should Buy One

A Brief History of College Rings and Why You Should Buy One

College rings are a traditional symbol of success, and you may have already worn one. But do you know what they mean? How do you pick the perfect one? How about getting it customized? Here’s a quick guide. Also, see this article for some ideas on the customs and sizes of the class ring from Jostens. It’ll be a great reminder of your college years and the people you graduated with.

The tradition of wearing a class ring

The tradition of wearing a class ring has long been a part of college life. It is a physical reminder of students’ effort and hard work throughout their educational careers. But how did the tradition get started? It all started at the United States Military Academy. Cadets were first awarded class rings upon graduation as a symbol of unity and pride. Ivy League schools followed suit, and the tradition spread to all types of colleges in the United States. Today, college students wear their class rings on their left hands to symbolize their accomplishments.

The tradition of wearing a class ring dates back to the early 1800s. It is said to signify unity among class members. Other elite colleges soon followed, and the idea became a popular tradition. Many authors eventually used the idea to celebrate the university experience and show school spirit. The tradition of wearing a class ring is a great way to celebrate one’s educational accomplishments and remember their time at college.

Meaning of a class ring

The meaning of a class ring varies from one person to another. It usually represents a special time in a person’s life. However, if it has special meaning to the wearer, it is important to wear it with pride. It is customary to wear a class ring on the right-hand ring finger since the left is reserved for the wedding ring. While class rings often feature a birthstone, some people choose to have their class name engraved around it. Other students choose a different type of stone. Some school rings include symbols related to sports, arts, and activities. Many institutions now offer class rings in different materials, so you can choose a ring that suits your taste and budget. Some companies even have simulated birthstones and premium stones. A class ring ceremony can be a formal or informal occasion including inspirational speeches and graduation speeches.

Customization of a class ring

There are several options to consider when it comes to customizing your college class ring. Most school rings will feature the same stone, color, and size, but you can also order a class ring with a different cut, metal, or stone color. Some companies even offer personalized Camo Stones, which can be an excellent way to add some unique flair to the ring. Some companies will even let you try different styles virtually before deciding which one to purchase.

Most of these designs are traditional, but you can add some unique touches, such as zodiac signs or meaningful symbols. The more symbols you add, the bigger the ring will be. Gemstones also look lovely on graduation rings and can be either traditional or fashionable. It all depends on your personality. Remember that whatever gemstone you choose, make sure it complements the metal used to make the ring. If the recipient prefers blues or pinks, sterling silver rings look great.


Cost of a class ring

The cost of a college class ring can vary considerably, ranging from a few hundred dollars to more than $3,000. The ring’s value depends on the studs’ design, the metal used for the band, the stones used, and any protection plans. Of course, the name of the college is also an important consideration.

Class rings are traditionally made from high-quality materials and are often expensive. Sterling silver, yellow gold, or rose gold are common materials for class rings. Some are encrusted with stones or have intricate engravings that are difficult to remove or repair. However, the tradition behind college class rings makes them very expensive. For this reason, a class ring is one of the most expensive items a graduate can buy.


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