FASS Fuel Filtration System Benefits

FASS Fuel Filtration System Benefits

Whether you want to protect your car from pollutants or want to increase performance, a FASS Fuel Filtration System is a good investment. Purchase your system through a FASS VIP Dealer. To receive additional benefits, consider FASS Silencing Technology.


A FASS Fuel Filtration System will benefit if you have a 6.6L diesel engine FASS Fuel Filtration System will be beneficial. Unlike gasoline engines, a  6.6L doesn’t. It relies on the CP3 injection pump to pull fuel under a vacuum. This adds unnecessary stress to the pump.

A FASS Fuel Filtration System is one of the most effective ways to improve the performance of your diesel truck. By removing contaminants from fuel, you can improve your fuel mileage and extend the life of your diesel injectors. You can find FASS fuel systems for pickup engines and universal Class 8 semi pumps. All FASS systems are American-made and come with a limited lifetime warranty. 


The FASS fuel air separation system is beneficial for the diesel engine. However, it does not come with the factory lift pump, adding unnecessary stress to the CP3/CP4 injection pump. This is inefficient and can introduce air into the fuel injection system. This issue can be eliminated by installing the Titanium Signature Series FASS Fuel Filtration System.

FASS’s Titanium Series fuel pump features whisper technology for increased pump life and service life. The system is significantly quieter than most aftermarket filtration systems. It also includes a built-in water separation filter and a patented air/vapor removal process. In addition, the system allows for adjustable fuel pressures.

Silencing Technology

The quietest diesel fuel air separation system in the market is now available. FASS Fuel Systems engineers have developed this revolutionary technology for quiet diesel engines. Its advanced design features minimize noise generated by diesel lift pumps using radius cuts, tighter gear tolerances, and military-spec coating. In addition, the FASS Silencing Technology in the FASS Fuel Filtration System dramatically reduces the noise created by diesel lift pumps.

The FASS Fuel Lift Pump removes contaminants from diesel fuel while increasing fuel efficiency and longevity. It also helps prevent air from reaching the injectors, which can damage pistons and timing. The system improves overall fuel efficiency and component longevity by sending this air back to the fuel tank. This technology makes it possible to use diesel fuel in engines with the highest performance and efficiency. Its Silencing Technology prevents noise by absorbing sound and allowing cleaner fuel to enter the engine.


If you are looking for a diesel fuel filtration system that is a step above the competition, look no further than FASS. This company has been creating superior products since 2003. As a result, FASS products have garnered the respect of diesel gearheads, and today they are the industry leaders in performance diesel fuel systems. The FASS Titanium Signature Series Fuel Filtration System uses whisper technology to reduce noise while increasing pump life and flow rate. Other features of the FASS Titanium Signature Series Fuel Filtration System include improved fuel filtration of 3 microns, a built-in water separation filter, a patented air/vapor removal process, and adjustable fuel pressures.

The FASS Titanium Signature Fuel Systems feature Performance Radius Cuts, an advanced machining technique that prevents air and eddy currents from reintroducing within 90-degree sharp angles. FASS Titanium Signature Fuel Systems are the only Fuel Air Separation Systems with this unique feature. Many lesser competitors use square and T-Bone 90-degree fittings, restricting fuel flow and introducing air.

Extends Life of Diesel Injectors

A FASS Fuel Filtration System can increase the life of your diesel injectors, increase fuel mileage, and improve the performance of your truck. With a filtration rating of 3 microns, the FASS system also removes water vapor from your fuel. These benefits will increase your truck’s performance and mileage while lowering emissions. In addition, FASS filters improve cold weather starting and help you get the best gas mileage possible.

FASS fuel pumps feature radii cuts that mimic the bend in an exhaust system. This ensures that no air or other contaminants are reintroduced into your fuel. FASS filters are easy to install and have many features that make them a superior choice. They also allow you to add fuel heaters and are plumbed to accept hot engine coolant. As a result, you can be assured that your vehicle will enjoy the maximum life possible from your diesel injectors.

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