Make the Most of Your Wedding Shots Composition with these Tips

There is a lot that a wedding photographer has to remember on the big day, such as making sure to catch the first kiss, the first dance and all the various different group photos of family members.  They will need to take shots of the entrance of your Gloucester Hotel Wedding Venue and sites like It can be easy then to forget about composition, but it’s really important to get it right – it will save you time in the editing stage, and it sets you apart from the crowd.

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The composition is important in any photography, and especially weddings where you will be hoping to sell to clients. The images need to be spectacular, and sound composition will help.

The Rule of Thirds

Nothing marks an amateur shot like putting the subject right in the centre of the frame. The rule of thirds is there for a reason (and sometimes that means breaking it). Even if you don’t get it quite right the first time, as long as the bride and groom are not in the centre of the image, you can probably fix it later on.

With weddings, you often have the advantage of having some stunning venues to fit into your images, too, which helps position the bride and groom off-centre. A wedding photographer in Hampshire, for example, has some stunning stately homes on offer.

There are some composition ideas at Photography Bay that will help shape your images and give you a base to start from with experimenting.

Tow the Line

Or follow it, at least; if you see a line going somewhere, follow it. There’s usually something good at the end, and if there isn’t, put your subject there. It might be a line of trees or a brick wall or, quite obviously, the aisle. Eyes are automatically drawn along the lines towards your subject.

Open Wide

Keep the F-number low and the background blurs. This can be a great trick for cutting out unnecessary distractions from your subject – for example, a busy scene around the dance floor when you’re trying to shoot the first dance. Photographers will have lots of experience in seeing the right thing at the right time and will have used many of the suggestions on composition from Exposure Guide over the years.

As with most things, the more you do it, the better you get.

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