Renew your home with the arrival of summer

Renew your home with the arrival of summer

Finally, summer has arrived and with it the desire to feel energetic and smiling. So, let’s put aside sweaters and winter coats and arrange shirts, t-shirts, and shorts in the closet; in this revival atmosphere, the house becomes the star of a transformation, which from winter soft lighting gives way to summer lightness of pastel colors and bright hues.

First of all, we need to order. Therefore, along with the classic change of season, why not start a real restyling of the house? Books that we have not opened for years, old toys of our grown-up children, or clothes that for years have been on the bottom of the wardrobe, are just some things we tend to accumulate, but which end up only to occupy precious space. A revolution that transforms the home into a more orderly and full of new space ready to welcome the light breeze of summer evenings and, why not, maybe even some new trendy items.

The second step to renovate the spaces of the house is to rethink them starting from the use we make of them. We start with furniture that we often take for granted; accustomed to seeing them static in their positions we forget their potential. An example is the bookshelves, typical modern design furniture: beautiful resting on the wall, but also perfect in the center of a room, because they allow you to divide the space in a creative way, without breaking the brightness of the environment. Especially for those who often work from home, this can be a good solution to turn the home office into a defined area, away from home distractions. And now that the bookshelf has become the queen of your living room, space to better organize books, documents, and various objects is even more and lends itself to new combinations of boxes, accessories, and storage. The modern design furniture is also optimal for renovating the sleeping area, with mirrors, drawers and night complements, to order and give spaces the essential lines typical of modern and contemporary style.

Then, we give rein to the imagination and colors, especially pink, the already proclaimed color of the year. Tone on tone for timeless environments, irreverent in its brightest tones or used in contrast to gray and sage green, with pink it is impossible to make mistakes.

The first helpers of easy and fun furnishing are the accessories: vases, centerpieces, shelves, mirrors or objects are the best friends of those who love color but want to be free to change, move, reorganize.

The furniture of your home should reflect your way of being, so there is no right and wrong furniture, just the desire to feel comfortable in your home.


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