Three Key Ways to Create a Welcoming Reception Area

Three Key Ways to Create a Welcoming Reception Area

First impressions are key for customers and clients, so a welcoming reception area goes a long way towards creating a positive environment. An airy spacious reception area with comfortable seating and fresh, clean décor as well as modern accessories will create a good first impression. Lighting, colour schemes and plenty of space will engage customers, and these elements will create that all-important statement on brand image.

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Light Can Make a Lasting Impression

Letting in as much natural light as possible can create that all-important positive first impression. Using some clever design tricks will make the reception area appear modern and up to date. Do ensure it is bright, warm and welcoming. Installing new windows or enlarging existing ones is one option. Alternatively, choose light bulbs that mimic natural daylight if your current area does not allow for the installation of additional windows. A good colour scheme within the brand spectrum will help make a statement. Companies can use resources such as Pinterest to gather creative and off-beat ideas on how to enhance colour, style, and décor.

Staff Can Extend a Warm Welcome to Visitors

A welcoming smile and a firm handshake go a long way, so ensuring you have key professionals in place to greet clients is essential. Appropriate attire should be worn. A high-tech firm’s reception staff should be stylish and smart-casual, while an estate agency or financial institution might best be suited to shirts and ties.

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Comfortable Reception Chairs Can Make Visitors Feel at Home

Plenty of comfortable reception chairs are key to making visitors feel at home. Various styles of cheap reception chairs for your welcoming space are available from a range of suppliers. First impressions are key, and according to, soft colours, quality furnishings, and a good dental practice design are key to making nervous patients feel at ease.

Ensure a Swift and Smooth Visitor Check-In Process

A traditional visitor book and pen demonstrate that the company is not moving with the times. Many firms now provide a digital sign-in option which can ensure a swift and smooth process. Visitor management systems that are forward-thinking always make a positive first impression. Switching to digital can offer a better experience for visitors and even clients. Furthermore, modern electronic sign-in devices ensure a better level of privacy, and there may be fewer errors.


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