Climbing frames: a buyer’s guide

Climbing frames: a buyer’s guide

Climbing frames offer a great way for children to keep their bodies and minds active, and there is an excellent choice available to suit a multitude of different outside spaces.

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With so much choice, there can be issues with deciding on the right option. This guide is designed to help you to make the best choice for your children and your garden.

Prepare to buy

Start by measuring your garden and consider drawing a floor plan to assess what size and style climbing frame you want. Make sure that you leave a two-meter space around the perimeter of the frame, as this is necessary to meet planning permission regulations and to keep your children safe. More information about planning permission and garden play equipment can be found on the Permitted Development website.

You may also want to consider what you currently have in your garden already and Ensure that you leave plenty of space in front of any slides or swings and consider potential extensions as your children grow bigger. Do you need to remove any items, garden waste or small furniture to make room for your equipment because a Man and Van Slough company could do this for you and this can be found at options such as Man and Van Slough UKTDL.

You can often transform set-ups into climbing frames for older children with the addition of new accessories and play modules.

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If you remain unsure about what design of climbing frame would be best for your children or your outside space, consider asking for expert help. There are many companies that specialize in the supply of climbing frames.

Installation considerations

When choosing the right climbing frame, it is important to consider how you are going to assemble it. Smaller climbing frames can take just an hour or two to set up; however, larger frames may require a build time of ten to 20 hours.

Most climbing frames are supplied with comprehensive instructions and are fairly simple to construct. If in doubt, consider the possibility of enlisting expert help to ensure the safety of the structure.

Your children

Two of the most important considerations when choosing a climbing frame are your children’s personalities and play preferences. Are they avid climbers and diggers, or are they more likely to be indulging in imaginative or creative play?

Try to consider play features in the same way as your children. Can a playhouse be instantly transformed into a magical fairy castle or a spy’s headquarters, for example, or would they prefer turning commando on some challenging netting or enjoying a day at the ‘beach’ without having to leave their home comforts behind?

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