Pirelli reveals the tyres of choice for this year’s F1 teams

Pirelli reveals the tyres of choice for this year’s F1 teams

Motorsports and, in particular, Formula 1, are some of the most exhilarating sports to watch. However, they can, of course, be among the most dangerous too. For most F1 teams, gaining a podium finish is far more important than making a profit, and hundreds of millions of pounds go into a team being successful on the circuit.

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So, it’s not surprising then that teams spend a fortune on research and development and invest huge sums of money in the latest technologies that they hope will give their drivers a competitive edge.

Tyres are one part of the car which can add a competitive edge, but their weight and tread not only add to the car’s ability to corner at great speed and handle well, they also provide the right balance of safety alongside speed. Each individual set of tyres can cost thousands of pounds.

F1 tyre of choice

Pirelli, the supplier of tyres to all F1 teams, has indicated that many teams have opted for its ultrasoft. Each team is allowed a number of types of tyres for each race and F1 dictate a range of rules and regulations regarding tyre selection.

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The purple-walled ultrasoft tyre warms up extremely quickly, one of the reasons they’re so popular with drivers. However, they can have a limited life. Of all the tyres available, the purple ultrasoft provides the best grip, which in turn leads to improved cornering and handling while maintaining safety – so the motivation for selecting them is fairly clear. These tyres are carefully tested and you can be sure that Vehicle Tracking similar to the ones available from www.vehicle-accessories.net/vehicle-tracking/ will be used to assess their strength and durability for the race lengths and speeds that the vehicles can reach.

Watching F1 live

While it’s all very well understanding the ins and outs of tyre selection and the rules and regulations of the sport, nothing beats seeing an F1 race live. With twenty-one races hosted in cities across the world and with the season running from March to November, there’s an opportunity for most of us to visit one.

These types of packages tend to include access to areas that you wouldn’t normally see with just a race ticket so are a real treat for the motorsport enthusiast.


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