How to create a superb scent marketing campaign

How to create a superb scent marketing campaign

Sensory marketing encompasses our five senses which are taste, sound, sight, smell and touch and lays down the foundations for more meaningful brand engagement. Traditional marketing is falling by the wayside and companies are beginning to turn to alternative forms of marketing to ensure they get potential customers interested.

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Evidence has also shown that engaging all the senses, not just sight, makes people more aware of a brand. Successful campaigns have captured all five senses in a variety of creative ways.

Leading brands

One of the most influential global brands, Apple, is a successful purveyor of interaction. You can visit the signature white store, see the clearly branded products in a modern, interactive environment, and speak to the ‘Genius’ staff. Starbucks too, successfully blends the senses to create memorable experiences. You can smell the aroma of the signature coffees, see the iconic logo, and listen to the in-house style of music.

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It’s essential first to understand the brand, and its characteristics and be aware of your target audience, their age and background, their likes and dislikes. Sight, of course, is our most prominent sense and using an attractive face or model can maximise audience interest and engagement.

Get that sweet smell of success and get your campaign started

Prospective clients who want to achieve success through scent marketing may choose to use a specialist such as According to Forbes retailers must engage shoppers’ five senses to ensure the future of physical retail.

The music played in any outlet has an impact upon a customer’s buying habits. Studies show that high-end companies who sell jewellery or other exclusive products enjoy good sales when classical music or jazz is played in the environment. Up-tempo music can be detrimental in a retail environment however, as it can make customers feel restless when queuing.

But it’s not just music that affects the senses. Studies show that the scent of cinnamon evokes feelings of warmth, and is, therefore, a positive attribute to bear in mind.

There are further indications that around three-quarters of shoppers say that they like to ‘feel’ a product before making a purchase. This is particularly important if it’s a larger item such as furniture.

Engaging all five senses is clearly essential in giving the customer one whole and positive, immersive experience to remember.

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