So you want to form your own Football team?

So you want to form your own Football team?

Are you thinking about starting a Football team in your town or village? Do you love Football and want to play competitively but have no one local to play with? From weighing up whether you can get it off the ground to formulating a sport plan using field Football drills, here’s a look at some considerations for starting a local Football team for adults.

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Is It Viable?

Football is a great sport – you know that already – and you would think that it should be easy to find other players. Do you already know a number of players who are likely to want to not only train but also compete? Do you live near a large town or city that already has a team, limiting your chances of finding players? Do some preliminary research – perhaps by going on field Football forums to see how much interest you think there might be.

Is There a League?

You’ll need to check that there is an appropriate level league in your county. Is the local league at the right competitive level for a new amateur team? You can check with the FA to find out about all English Football leagues and whether there is one in your area.

Can You Coach?

Do you have the skills to coach the team? If you have no previous coaching skills, then you’ll need to carefully create a sport plan. As a start, review a Sportplan field Football training video to assess how you think you may compare when it comes to training. Then research Football drills to find the best ones for what you think your level of training and competition will be. You might want to think about going on a Football Coaching course.

How Will You Fund It?

How will you fund your club? Will members make yearly or weekly payments? Will they buy their own kits or might you be able to find a sponsorship deal? Maybe a great deal on Nike Football Kits for example like those on a website such as

Running an amateur Football team is an extremely rewarding, fun and challenging thing to do. It’s a great way to enjoy playing at a competitive level, getting fit and making friends, but you’ll need to make sure that the idea is viable and that you are up for the challenge before you enter a league.

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